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President George H. W. Bush Wearing
His Play Full Out Band!

Former President George H. W. Bush demonstrating that it doesn't matter how young or how old, how famous or inconspicuous you may be, playing full out is for everyone!

Consider it a privilege to make an impact on the world around you. Play Full Out Online has made it simple for you to do it. It's just two simple steps to brighten someone else's day, and create lasting positive ripple effects in the world around you.

How Works in 2 Simple Steps:

2. GIVE your BAND &
Congratulations! You've been recognized for Playing Full Out. Search your band number and see where it’s been. You may be the first the contribute, or there might be a story waiting for you. Some bands have even traveled across the globe!
Share how you received your band! Encourage the person that gave your band, and share with others the story of how you received it. You'll receive your own pushpin on the world map, and the story will serve as a reminder of where your band has been.
Now it's time to give it away! You've been wearing your Play Full Out band with pride, but don't let the story end with you. Keep your eye out for a worthy individual, someone who is playing full out, whether they are a family member, friend, co-worker, or stranger ... and give it away.
Now share your story once again! Once you've given your band away, let them know to visit and enter their Band number. Share your story on that band's page about why you gave your band away to them, and it will be waiting on them when they visit.
Play Full Out. One Band at a Time.
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What does it mean to “Play Full Out”?

The phrase “Play Full Out” describes an elevated state of mind that is expressed through an extra degree of effort.

People that Play Full Out invest a little more thought, sacrifice, care, joy, or energy into the task at hand. They share a smile, make you laugh, take pride in their work, go the extra mile, or simply inspire you with their exceptional attitude. I think people that Play Full out deserve some praise and recognition, so I created this site and the wristbands to make it easy and fun. Recipients will appreciate the compliment and the positive energy will spread when they pass their wristband on to the next person. Together, we can change the world, one wristband at a time.

Why Purple?

Purple embodies the balance of energy (red) and truth (blue). Surrounding yourself in purple fosters serenity and peace of mind. Purple is also the rarest color in nature. Likewise, when it comes to human nature, people that are positive and “Doing More” than expected are very rare.

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Band #9157 by Chandra Treat on Aug 14 '17
After I received my band, I told my 10 year old daughter the whole story and the meaning behind it and explained that it was something that I would then give away. She was so excited and asked me nearly every day who I was going to give the band to. I kept telling her that I had no idea, but that I would just know who that right person was. My daughter was in her first play when she was 6 years old. She was the cutest munchkin in the Wizard of Oz that I had ever seen (in my biased opinion...)! But what really struck me during the production process was how her director, Miss Tiffany, was with those kids. By show time, everyone of them, all the way down to the 6 year olds, knew exactly where they needed to be and what they needed to do. It was amazing to see how much they learned and knew. And my daughter had the time of her life. So we continued to do plays with Miss Tiffany once or twice a year and this summer was #6. But it was during the #5 production when I just knew. I have gradually gotten to know Tiffany over these last 4-5 years and everything I have learned about her is extraordinary. Tiffany believes that the arts and arts education is essential to our kids - and she has been teaching kids for about 15 years. In every interaction I have seen with the kids (including mine) there is so much love and patience. But she also expects the kids to give everything they have, to participate, and to grow. She engages with the kids, she gives them everything she has, and then she gives them a little more. Tiffany is the kind of person I love working with and spending time with my child. She brings out something really special in her - and I can see that the kids bring out something really special in Tiffany. She is dedicated to them and thrives on the art she is instilling in them. If there is anyone I have ever met that Plays Full Out, who lives what she believes and who is present in all she does, it is Tiffany Tiffany - from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being in our lives. You have touched us and changed us in the best possible way. Jayda and I love you so much!!
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