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Band #11135

Received by Unkown

Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Date: November 12, 2018
I received my band at an All Staff Event. Approximately 2 months before this event we found out our company did not get the entire contract renewed and the largest part of our team would be let go. I had the privilege to serve as the Deputy Director to walk this team through this transition. I had kept my game face on this far and just prayed and asked God to give me the strength to continue to encourage a team that I knew was beat up and discouraged and I prayed. After Pastor Hanson had done such an amazing job encouraging the entire team It is really too much to go into now; me just wanted to register and start my journey as I know that God has something great in store for all of us. I also know that our God is not through with me and my career. Pastor Hanson please continue to do what you do. I am confident my play it foward will be what our God is pleased with. Stay the course. Natalie
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