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Band #2159

Received by fiosgirl3

Location: Pittsburgh
Date: May 13, 2013
I received this band from Doug at a live corporate event. Doug has inspired me in so many ways. It is so refreshing to know that people still "play full out" and it is so rewarding to receive AND give a band! We take life for granted and Doug really makes you stop and think about the "practical little things" in life that matter so much and they are so easy to do if WE TAKE ACTION and do them! It is amazing how he brings out the best in everyone with the Power of a Compliment and Playing Full Out Himself! You rock Doug Hanson and I can't thank you enough for being the kindred spirit that you are! YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! I will continue to Play Full Out....that is my promise!
Thanks Jen for the kind words, and for all you do to make a difference. The world definitely needs more people like you. You Are The GREATEST!
Doug Hanson May 13, '13 at 12:00 AM
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