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Band #6786

Received by Stephen

Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Date: May 13, 2015
I received this band from someone I really connected with and respect during an interview process with Smith & Nephew - Bob N. Not only did I learn a lot from Bob during our day together, but he was inspiring with his passion for life, travel, family and living "outside the box." He is one of those people you will remember and encourages you to play full out and go for what you want in life. Thanks Bob! I will pay it forward...
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Received by Bob N

Location: Orlando, FL, USA
Date: March 03, 2015
I received my band at the Smith and nephew national sales meeting in Orlando Florida. The guest speaker at our meeting was Doug Hanson. After listening to Doug and his various stories of inspiration and motivation it changed my life. In the 60 minutes of listening to Doug, we laughed, we cheered, we reflected on our personal lives and how we can make simple changes that can improve not only your life but the people's lives around us!! For the recipient of this bracelet #6786 PLEASE add your story and take this opportunity to pass this along with positive vibes.... Let's get this band around the world!!
Awesome note Bob. I loved my time with you and your Smith & Nephew teammates. What a great group and awesome event. I wish all my audiences were like you. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!
Doug Hanson Mar 09, '15 at 12:02 PM
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